I have always had a passion for Disney, but it wasn't until I took my husband and son for the first time that I became a "Disney Junkie!" My son was almost 3 the first time he went and watching him light up as he met Mickey is a moment I will never forget. It's something only Disney can do! My daughter, on other hand, was only 7 months when we took her and I think the characters had the most fun seeing her all dressed up. Either way there is nothing like a Disney vacation. The memories we have made will last us a lifetime. My son is now eight and getting ready for his 5th trip. Needless to say we take every opportunity we get to spend some time with "The Mouse."

Planning for these trips has always been fun for me. I love figuring out the right time and place for each special moment of our trip. I have helped countless friends with questions and concerns since they know I will talk Disney any time. I would love to help you plan your magical vacation from start to finish. I want you to create the same memories that I cherish for yourself. To say Disney is magical isn't just a cliche. It is the truth and there is no better time to start planning than now! Please feel free to contact me and we'll start your journey to creating memories you will never forget!

Rachel Peterson